Special offer: Now all new VPS servers comes with even more RAM:

VZ1 - RAM 1024MB 2048MB - CPU 2 x 3GHz  - HDD 80GB - just 5.50EUR/month Order here
VZ2 - RAM 2048MB 4096MB - CPU 3 x 3GHz  - HDD 160GB - just 9.50EUR/month Order here
VZ3 - RAM 3072MB 5129MB - CPU 4 x 3GHz  - HDD 250GB - just 14EUR/month Order here
VZ4 - RAM 4096MB 6144MB - CPU 4 x 3GHz  - HDD 350GB - just 17EUR/month Order here
VZ5 - RAM 5129MB 7168MB - CPU 4 x 3GHz  - HDD 450GB - just 21EUR/month Order here
VZ6 - RAM 6144MB 8192MB - CPU 4 x 3GHz  - HDD 550GB - just 26EUR/month Order here
VZ7 - RAM 7168MB 9216MB - CPU 4 x 3GHz  - HDD 650GB - just 30EUR/month Order here
VZ8 - RAM 8192MB 10240MB - CPU 4 x 3GHz  - HDD 750GB - just 35EUR/month Order here

Please note, that for a new customers there is also possible to get one time -50% discount for all our VPS servers first order first payment with this discount cupon code: promo50
This allows to get 2GB RAM VPS server just for 2.75EUR/month!

* All prices is VAT inclusive.
* New VPS servers with more RAM is possible only for a new ordered servers in the time of promotion period.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

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