We are pleased to announce very limited time offer: VM2 KVM VPS Server with huge 8GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores and 50GB HDD for discounted €5.50/month price.
Also, if you are new customer, you can use this promotion code promo50 and get one time -50% discount for a first ordered server first payment!
And even more, if you choose 2 years billing period, then with standard -20% discount and by using code promo50 with additional -50% discount VM2 price will be just €2.20/month!

You can check all our VPS Servers offers here: https://www.hostika.lt/en/vps/

All prices is already 21% VAT inclusive.

* This offer is valid only for new ordered VM2 VPS Servers and is not valid for existing VPS Servers.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

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